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I’ll Be There Deep House & Drill Jazz Remixes (EP) – Love Is Everywhere

Plunky & Oneness strike out in surprising new directions, taking their progressive jazz-funk sensibilities into the dance club environment with a deep house and other remixes of their “I’ll Be There” single.

Music critics have hailed legendary saxophonist-vocalist James “Plunky” Branch as a vanguard of Afro-centric jazz – curating a myriad of musical forms from funk and R&B to house and go-go into a progressive message of empowerment, positivity, and cultural awareness. Plunky continues his innovative approach to transcending genre constraints with the release of his new I’ll Be There EP which contains four versions of his love song: 1. Deep House, 2. Drill Jazz, 3. Hip-Hop, and 4. Original Reggae mixes. The Deep House Remix was produced by DJ Axel Bampton & View of Paris, France; the Drill Jazz and the Hip-Hop Remixes were done with the assistance of Web 3 hip hop creator, Rasul The Knowbody; and the original track was produced with Fire and DJ Diallo.

Hear the mixes:

Watch the Deep House Remix Video:


All four iterations of the song plus eight additional, new original tracks will be included on the Plunky & Oneness digital album – Love Is Everywhere schedule for release on February 1, 2024, in time for Valentine’s Day.

All tracks produced by J. Plunky Branch,

Tracks Recorded & Remixes by J. Fire Branch, Axel Bampton, Rasul The Knowbody, & DJ Diallo Moss

Published by: Shekere Music BMI

Hip Hop Remix Video Link:

Original Mix Video Link:


Here is what curators and DJ’s have to say about the Deep House Remix:

"Absolutely creative! I like the clip and the composition is equally great. Big plus cause the song is equally danceable. I like it! Congratulations” Glacer FM

“… this song is perfect for club vibing!” -Extravafrench

“Dope beat, instantly got me moving when the beat dropped. The video takes is up a notch and gives more character to the song.” - ELITEMIND Management

“I love the highly, energetic tune in this infectious track. This catchy, electronic and funky track with a fuse of musical styles. Perfect for a club like vibe and purely upbeat energy.”- Power Ace Radio

“It's a fantastic track! The vibe is super interesting, and your vocals really bring it to life. Plus, the video is super cool – it adds a whole new layer to the experience.” - Pyaar Music Records

“Nice work! Great production here! Strong production. This one could also do well with Film and TV.
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