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Plunky & Oneness, the renowned progressive jazz group led by J. Plunky Branch, is thrilled to announce the release of their latest album, "Love Is Everywhere." This outstanding collection of original love songs takes listeners on a captivating journey through various aspects and expressions of love.


Known for their decades of groundbreaking jazz explorations and their politically and culturally charged message music, Plunky & Oneness fearlessly venture into uncharted romantic territory with their newest release.


"Love Is Everywhere" is an album entirely dedicated to the subject of love. From intimate, personal experiences to the pain of lost love, Plunky & Oneness masterfully convey these timeless emotions through a fusion of rhythm and blues with a touch of jazziness. Drawing inspiration from Pharaoh Sanders, the album's title track captures the essence of love with its jazzy and lush composition, effortlessly transcending genres to create a universally relatable piece of art.


The album features eight brand new tracks along with four remixes, showcasing a diverse range of music styles including jazz, soul, hip-hop, drill and deep house. To bring this musical vision to life, Plunky collaborated with a talented group of young writers and producers who provided the foundation for Oneness to groove upon, ultimately shaping these refined compositions. The dedication and innovation displayed throughout the entire creative process is evident in the studio workflow and the final arrangements.


"Love Is Everywhere" not only celebrates the nuances of love but also uncovers yet another place where it can be found. Plunky & Oneness invite listeners to embark on this enchanting musical journey and discover the boundless depths of love through their exceptional craftsmanship.

Love is Everywhere (Flash Drive)

SKU: FD2124
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